Code A Check

Financial peace of mind has never been easier ...

Code A Check   the leader in time efficient low cost bookkeeping systems, was designed to be the easiest and most inexpensive bookkeeping service available.

At last a fast, easy way to generate the financial reports you need.

Financial peace of mind comes from awareness... knowing where your money is coming from and where it is going. If the thought of month-end and year-end bookkeeping...keeps you from compiling the reports needed to run a business and get personal finances in order. Code A Check  is the System you have been waiting for.

It’s simple, so you can use it the day it arrives. It’s fast and easy so you will use it every day and it's inexpensive. The detailed monthly reports generated by this System highlight problems and opportunities that may go unnoticed. Once you are on the System you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. Too good to be true? No, Code A Check  simply designed a book-keeping service to meet the demands of small businesses and individuals who do not need elaborate accounting systems...and it works!

One simple entry provides five essential reports... the critical information you need for sound planning and financial peace of mind.

Business Profit and Loss Reports
Personal Income and Expense Reports            
Expense Reimbursement Reports
Property Management Reports
Mileage Summary Reports
Budget Variance Reports

Making an entry into the Code A Check  Register is as easy as writing a check. And it will track your cash, and credit card transactions too. One quick step, marking a simple code for each transaction, completes your bookkeeping efforts. At the end of the month mail the Register to Code A Check. We’ll compile the numbers. Each month you will receive Current-Month and Year-to-Date figures in up to five informative, detailed reports.

Code A Check  provides documentation to support your tax returns.

The system organizes three levels of detailed documentation.
· Coded transaction Registers for each month.
· A complete set of financial reports showing monthly and year-to-date information with budget variances.
· Monthly organization of receipts, checks, vouchers, etc.

You can start this system the day it arrives and know when you go to bed at night, your bookkeeping is done. Get the peace of mind you deserve.Our philosophy is:
If you have kept your check register, you have already done your books! Why do it again? There is nothing to memorize!

Just add an expense code.
Mail It In & Let Code A Check  Do The Rest.