One of our clients fills that Code A Check   is an absolute must.

I want you to know how much Code A Check  has simplified my life. Utilizing Code A Check 's bookkeeping service saves me countless hours each month keeping track of all of my cash, checking and credit card transactions.  Plus the built in automobile mileage log keeps me current with that information as well.  As a self employed professional might time truly is valuable. Code A Check  allows me to convert unproductive administrative time into valuable client service time.

Previously, when I was doing my own bookkeeping, I had stacks of recordkeeping documents to account for my nearly 500 transactions for just one year. This is just for my business. I never even kept the type of information that could be used to generate personal household income and expense reports.

When it was time to hand my records over to my accountant at the end of the year for my taxes, I knew it was going to cost me to have my accountant go through each entry and post them to return of accounts. To save me some money, my accountant gave me a list of all the different categories to do myself. This took me several hours to complete and finish. I am thrilled I will never do that again. When I spend time with a potential client, my time is priceless. When I spend time doing administrative tasks my time is worth nothing in terms of productivity.

With Code A Check  I never have a worry. Gone are the tedious hours I used to spend on daily and yearly recordkeeping. Now I just write it down once and forget about it. To be able to simply mail my Code A Check  register to you each month, and have you do the rest gives me the peace of mind that allows me to focus on doing the things I like to do. The Code A Check system is so intuitive and simple that I was able to use it right out of the box. Gone is the time spent reading software manuals and reinstalling programs. Now, at the end of the year I will just mail my December's report off to my accountant.

Another great feature is that I am now tracking not only my business transactions, but my personal income and expenditures as well.  The fees stay the same, whether I have one entity or six to track .

This service is an absolute must for any individual who wants better control of their business and is aware of the value of time.

Thank you for the time that you have given back to me that I can utilize in other areas of my life.

Portland Oregon