When customers use the Code A Check System to track both their personal and business finances many customers find that after they retire prefer to continue tracking their personal finances. Here is one such customer.

I have used the Code A Check service for over ten years, and I wanted to tell you how pleased I have been with it.

I first use the service when I owned my financial planning practice. Not only was the Code A Check and lifesaver when tax time rolled around, but it also kept me on this to myself I keeping me aware of what my spending categories and amounts were on a personal as well as business basis.

when I sold my practice in retired six years ago, I consider dropping the service. However, I have continued to use it on a personal basis because I'm finding that, been retired, it's even more critical to be a where of what might income and expenses are.

Recently a financial planner friend noticed me writing down a Code A Check code and my checkbook register.  she asked, why are you still using Code A Check? Why wouldn't you use something like a Quicken computer program instead?" The answer came easily: convenience and accuracy. With respect to convenience, I can immediately code and expense when I write a check, rather than having to sit down and ensure the expense into a computer program when I get back on.  (Ugh) with respect to accuracy, if I make a mistake in code something incorrectly, all I have to do is ask your staff had Code A Check to correct it and they do. Alternatively, I find computer programs to be a bit rigid and pretty unforgiving when one makes a mistake.

So--in media probably have a customer for life. Thank you for providing the most helpful service.