I am writing this letter after our recent phone conversation in which I realized I have been a customer of your program since 1992. I have also realize that because of the changing business, legal, and regulatory climate your services are more needed an invaluable Bennett any other time.

I have been a self employed business entrepreneur for nearly 40 years and it times I cannot believe all the new challenges individuals and companies now face.

when I first heard it using your program I was very fine organized with my paperwork and record keeping. I learn the hard way that you have to keep track and be accountable with your finances. Your program affords that requirement with a very simple, complete and accurate solution.

Over the years, business deductions have been slashed by the government. That is why it is extremely important to be able to track every expense accumulated.

I'm a financial consultant and we relies that the average family loses track of between $100 to $200 per month. By allowing a family to track all of their expenses, they can do a much better job of controlling and budgeting their spending.  Personal debt is that an all time high and personal savings are at an all time low.  People benefit greatly on both areas from your service.

I have also prepared taxes and work with tax preparers. The duty of your system is that it makes the customers much more efficient and accurate. This allows the tax preparer to do a more thorough job. And also makes him more productive by not being overburdened with extra paperwork, additional preparation, and follow-up time which your system definitely eliminates .   

Tax audits are a very unnerving and time consuming ordeal. I have unfortunately been audited for all the wrong reasons, but I still had to go through the painstaking procedure. My records, because of your system, were impeccably well-organized and documented.  It was very comforting for me.

Many financial professionals have complemented me on my record keeping habits. I have only your company to thank for that. I've always found the perception of computer account in software programs to be overrated and very misleading. Your system is much more efficient, flexible, and a great time saver.

People can track their expenses at the time they are incurred. All they have to do his code the expense. You do all the data processing for us which is the most time consuming and frustrating part of their systems. You do all this for a very reasonable price. I have always been impressed with a courtesy, professionalism, and accuracy of your personnel. It truly has been a very pleasant experience and a very wise investment on my part .

I look forward to using your system for many more years.

Milwaukee, WI